Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I know how you felt....

Dear Mom (who does not read my blog) Just wanted to let you know that I know how you felt when:

  • you had the first birthday without allyour children with you but were so happy that you weren't alone

  • a child didn't call

  • you couldn't help

  • you had no more tears

  • you wondered around your home not knowing what to do (ok, I don't know if this happened)

  • you had no incentive to make dinner: I find this even more difficult when I don't go to the grocery store

  • you couldn't sleep

Promise me it gets better.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

It's a Good Thing

I picked up a Pottery Barn catalog the other day. This is what I want:

This is what I have:(It's my bedspread from the 70's-my mothers intuition to keep it was right)

I also found this bird jewelry tree

And I have this-wouldn't the two be lovely together?

Monday, March 14, 2011

2nd of 6: His name is Jim

If I wrote complete sentences about my brother, you would end up reading a book. So, I will do the bullet list:
  • Jim had the coolest yet WEIRDEST stuff in his bedroom: skulls, marbles, CJ (tortoise)
  • In the old house he had the insect/critter set where you pour the plastic in the molds
  • His bunkbeds in the old house -his room had the orange & white floor
  • Giving me rides on his snowmachine(s) in the swamp-even tying on the sled. There are pictures of his Polaris & Ski Doo on the Christmas CD from Carolyn & Jim
  • Catching me & Barb smoking his menthol Marlboro's and making us inhale
  • Riding with Dad to drop Jim off at a predetermined spot on the Glenn Highway, to be picked up at same predetermined spot a couple days later (scary...never would I do that)
  • No lima beans for Jim
  • First glider that flew: wood, visquine and bottle caps-I have a picture
  • Snoopy
  • Being the only boy...special but must have sucked too
  • When he worked at the donut shop and would bring us home the biggest bag of donuts
  • His HOT friends

To me, my brother Jim is extra special. I have always had a most tender spot in my heart for him-I think he was misunderstood by our parents at times, he had experiences that mom & dad had not dealt with yet-so thanks Jim for breaking them in for me! I love you.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

First One of 6

There was a time in my teenage life when I just knew I was the smartest cookie. Some of you may not think this is too terribly worthy of remembering but I do because it's a way of life for me now. GET THE MOST FOR YOUR MONEY!!!
After a long absence from home, Carolyn was back. I remember being in the kitchen with her and arguing over the brand of tomato sauce to use. This was when store brand/generic brand was just getting onto the shelves. Like I was going to buy no name vanilla wrappered food. This was an argument over tomato sauce for gosh sakes-that was going to be made into spaghetti sauce! Who cares what brand it is.
Anyway, I think I told her that I was right, she didn't live there and I was not going to use what she bought. Sorry...
Well, I do now buy plenty of generic and store brand food items. I also use a lot of coupons. So thanks Carolyn for teaching me to be cost conscious-not frugal.

A more recent memory was when Carolyn & Amei were visiting Arizona and they drove over to our house in Pima. The Graham County Fair was going on and so we spent an afternoon there. I had a great time. I think Amei did too. What about you? The cotton candy was great!

(I will add a photo once I find the right disk)

Six {Posts}

Some time ago...ok back in January, I was talking to one of my sisters about whether I should keep writing on this blog or give up. I know I hadn't written anything for months and was telling HER that I didn't even know if anyone read it. No one ever comments on anything. On and on I went. She suggested that I write about special memories I have of each sister and brother.
Whew, I said I would have to think about that. Memories can be pretty funny, tender or downright brutal. Hmmm.
So, now that I've had a couple months to think about this, I am ready. In no particular order mind you as I have no favorites! Except my brother.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

9-11 A Day of Remembrance

Last night John & I were watching a news show about 9-11-01. When I watched the first Tower collapse, I started choking up. You know, when you are being brave and oh so strong. The next few minutes showed some interviews with firefighters and police. The reporter asked a policeman if he thought everything was alright. He looked at the reporter and said, in the saddest voice, "No it is not alright". He had just witnessed the tower collapse. There was an eery calm, people were still milling around the streets and then...the second Tower collapsed. That was it, both John and I were letting the tiny tears trickle down our cheeks.
Up until now, I haven't really thought a whole lot about 9-11. Not that I am heartless, but so much of what you hear seems to be about money. Everyone is suing everyone. To me, money, no matter how much, will ever mend a broken heart or exact revenge. It makes no sense. Anyhow, now that I have a son-in-law who is a police officer (Clint) and my daughter Frances and her husband Danny and son Merrick live in New York City - three short blocks from 'Ground Zero', 9-11 takes on a new meaning for me.
This morning we went to a 9-11 ceremony organized by the American Legion Post 129 here in Queen Creek. Now, I believe and understand that the "Day of Remembrance" is for the firefighters, the policemen, the innocent people who just went to work that day. Who just went to rescue the people in the burning and collapsing buildings. Who just got on an airplane to take them somewhere they never got to. For those people who thought 9-11-01 was just another beautiful day. We will never forget.

Monday, August 23, 2010

A New Blog

There's a new blog for you to read (beginning September 1):